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From just an idea in 1983, AFE-ADB has grown over the years into an organization serving over 3,000 members living in at least 62 countries

1987—AFE held its first annual general meeting in Osaka, Japan. The 60 participants approved the constitution. Takeshi Watanabe, ADB’s first president (1966–1972), was elected president, and M. Ikramullah Khan, who had made AFE a viable institution, was elected secretary.

1991—AFE was provided with an office in ADB’s new headquarters building.

1991—AFE published its first newsletter.

1993—Former ADB president Masao Fujioka became AFE’s president.

1994—The by-laws were streamlined. The title "secretary" was changed to “executive secretary".

1996—AFE was incorporated as a charitable association in Vanuatu.

2007—Tadao Chino, ADB president from 1999 to 2005, became AFE’s president. David Parker was elected Treasurer, replacing Victor The, who had served the position for several years.

2008—Ikramullah Khan retired as executive secretary. Hans-Juergen Springer was elected to succeed him, and Jill Gale de Villa was elected deputy executive secretary. Tadao Chino passed away. The executive secretary assumed the position of acting president.

2009—Members approved preferential voting to replace negative voting and actions to be taken for amending the by-laws. Bong-Suh Lee, ADB vice-president (Region West) 1993–1998, was elected president. Ikramullah Khan passed away at the age of 83.

2010—AFE adopted a new logo. The AFE website launched. About 120 participants attended the meeting in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

2011—David Parker was re-elected as Treasurer. About 100 AFE members and spouses participated in AFE’s annual general meeting (AGM) and related functions in Ha Noi. Shortly afterwards AFE held its 25th anniversary celebrations in Manila, with about 175 participants attending.

2012—Hans-Juergen Springer re-elected as Executive Secretary. Members approved a 2-year extension of Jill Gale de Villa’s term as Deputy Executive Secretary to avoid turnover of officers in the same year. About 139 AFE members attended the AGM in Manila. A bylaws review committee commenced work on revising the AFE bylaws.

2013—Bong-Suh Lee re-elected as President. Revised bylaws approved by members in April 2013. Among the revisions, the titles of “President,” “Executive Secretary,” and “Deputy Executive Secretary” were changed to “Chairperson,” “President,” and “Vice President,” respectively. Printed membership directory updated. AFE’s 27th AGM held in Delhi.

2014—Jill Gale de Villa re-elected as Vice President. Annual meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan.

2015—Julia Holz elected as Treasurer. Annual meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan.

2016—Hans-Juergen Springer reelected as President. AFE successfully lobbied to retain the 3% cost-of-living annual raise for pensions of those hired prior to 2012.
2017—Bong-Suh Lee reelected as Chairperson. About 370 AFE members and accompanying persons attended ADB's 50th Annual Meeting, Yokohama.

AFE continues to look for ways to expand its service to its growing membership.

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