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Chairs and Presidents

Bong-Suh Lee (2009–present) 
In February 2009, Bong-Suh Lee, who was vice-president (Region West) at ADB during 1993–1998, was elected as AFE’s president, to serve for 4 years from February 2009. He was reelected in 2013 and 2017. Since he took office,

  • AFE has coordinated closely with BPMSD in bringing concerns of members to ADB’s attention and in discussing administrative and budget-related matters relevant to AFE–ADB’s activities;
  • work on developing an AFE website has been completed, and the website ( is now open to all;
  • AFE has begun participating in charitable work in cooperation with ADB's Staff Community Fund;
  • AFE successfully lobbied ADB to retain the 3% cost-of-living increase for those entitled to it.
  • AFE–ADB chapters have remained active in bringing members together through annual chapter reunions; and -preparations have begun for organizing a program of activities in Manila in 2018, when the Annual Meeting returns home.

Tadao Chino (2007–2008)
Tadao Chino, ADB president from 1999 to 2005, was elected as the third AFE president in May 2007. In July 2008, he passed away at the age of 74. During Mr. Chino’s presidency

  • Alternative voting systems for AFE were reviewed, and, in light of the review, members voted to approve amendments to the by-laws to (1) incorporate preferential voting to replace the existing negative voting system, and (2) spell out specific actions to be taken for amending the by-laws; and
  • AFE’s membership grew to over 2,230 (as of 31 Dec. 2007).

Masao Fujioka (1993–2007)
Masao Fujioka, ADB president from 1981 to 1989, was elected as AFE's second president at the AFE Annual General Meeting in Manila in May 1993. He served for 14 years, during which time

  • AFE’s initial by-laws were approved by members in August 1994;
  • ADB approved the nomination of a pensioners’ representative on the Pension Committee;
  • AFE began issuing the AFE News twice a year instead of once a year;
  • A revised structure for annual dues and voluntary contributions was introduced;
  • AFE chapters became increasingly active in organizing reunions of their members, which enabled members to maintain contact with one another and remain interested in AFE and ADB;
  • AFE was increasingly active in making representations to ADB on behalf of members on various matters, including pensions and medical insurance;
  • ADB began issuing ID cards to facilitate pensioners’ access to headquarters;
  • AFE’s by-laws were extensively revised; and
  • AFE’s membership grew to over 2,150 (as of 31 Dec. 2007)

Takeshi Watanabe (1987–1993)
Takeshi Watanabe, ADB’s first president (1966–1972), was elected as AFE’s first president at AFE’s first Annual General Meeting, held in Osaka, Japan, in April 1987. He served for two terms, each of 3 years. During that period,

  • work began on preparing by-laws to streamline AFE’s operations;
  • ADB provided an office to AFE in the special facilities block of the new headquarters building;
  • AFE published its first newsletter in April 1991; and
  • AFE’s membership grew from 30 in 1985 to over 1,000 in 1993.