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Members' Publications

Many members are authors. Some of their works are in the table below. Members are encouraged to submit information about their published works for inclusion, including works that may not be cited in AFE−ADB News. To read articles published in the AFE−ADB News, click on the information in the "Issue" column (in blue). 

Books and a Blog by Members in AFE−ADB News

Author Title Issue Page
Amerasinghe, Nihal International Financial Institutions and Development in Asia 40, March 2012 28−29
Amerasinghe, Nihal Design, Appraisal, and Management of Sustainable Projects 47, Sept 2015 35
Chen, Nikki Tiger Tail Soup 45, Sept 2014 34
Ghate, Prabhu By Thumb, Hoof, and Wheel 47, Sept 2015 39
Head, John China’s Legal Soul 37, Sept. 2010 49
Jayaraman, T.K. Monetary Economics of the Pacific Islands 42, March 2013 36−37
Jonker, Rudolph Antique Chinese Ceramics 46, March 2015 27−29
Johnson, Keith blog: 46, March 2015 29−31
Lahiri, Prateep Decoding Intolerance 37, Sept. 2010 46
Lees, Frederick The First Lady 42, March 2013 31
Lees, Frederick The Malayan Life of Ferdach O’Haney 36, March 2010 34−35
Loxley, Will Smart World, Dumb World 45, Sept 2014 32−33
Rahman, Jahed-Ur Bends and Shades 45, Sept 2014 32
Rees, Colin Birds of a Feather 45, Sept 2014 33−34