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Work and Play

This section provides information on members’ activities as well as opportunities. For example, paid work opportunities may be listed under “Careers” and nonpaid work under “Volunteering.” Note that such posts must be made by members, and that AFE accepts no responsibility for their validity or veracity, or for any outcomes of responding to such posts.

Art is a section for members and their spouses to share their artworks, often referring to articles in the AFE−ADB News
Books by Members is the authors’ page, often referring to books mentioned in the AFE−ADB News
Continuing Careers carries information about members who are working for pay, and may carry information about career opportunities
Members’ Websites and Blogs links viewers to these sites
Travel provides travel information and refers to articles in the AFE-ADB News
Volunteering refers to nonpaid work, and may provide information about volunteering opportunities.

Many of our members and their spouses have become quite accomplished artists. Several have been featured in AFE-ADB News. The table indicates the issue (click on it to go there).

Art by Members in AFE–ADB News

Artist Medium Issue Page
Amorado, Nannette Oil 36, March 2010 36−37
Currin, Charles Photography 34, May 2009 31
Diasanta, Nestor Pen and ink 45, Sept 2014 38−39
Henrich, Erika Architecture (article by E. Reyes) 44, March 2014 35−36
Kapadia, Rita Oil 44, March 2014 23−25
Kobayashi, Eiji Watercolor 39, Sept 2011 40
Kobayashi, Eiji Watercolor 37, Sept. 2010 36−37
Morita, Noritada Photography 41, Sept 2012 35−37
Ramos, Larry Photography 45, Sept 2014 30−31
Roy, Barun Oil 40, March 2012 38
Staub, Bill Various 43, Sept 2013 22−24
Various. From the Darjes Collection Embroidery: Suzani 47, Sept 2015 30−33