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Through volunteer work, many members continue to work toward poverty reduction even after leaving ADB. Volunteer opportunities may also be posted here.

ADB’s staff Community Fund has numerous ongoing projects and welcomes retirees to help monitor and serve the beneficiaries.

The Indonesia chapter has ongoing charity work run by chapter members.

Members Volunteer Work, in AFE−ADB News

Description Member(s) Issue Page
Anticorruption, grassroots action Geert van der Linden 45, Sept 2014 40−42
Cities Development Initiative for Asia Hans Springer has chairs this effort 40, March 2012 29−30
Community Service; assisting Displaced Aetas Wallum, Peter and Jenny 38, March 2011 41−42
Earthquake Relief Simon Baily-Gibson 44, March 2014 15−16
Ecotourism Training and Support Yves Bellekes 38, March 2011 42
Education Assistance, Indonesia Indonesia Chapter 38, March 2011 30
40, March 2012 17
Education Assistance, Thailand Sawai Boonma, Banna Reading Promotion Foundation 40, March 2012 34−35
Education Assistance, Philippines, Aetas Raquel Cabiles, Jenny Wallum 38, March 2011 42
Flood Relief (Ondoy) Parker and de Armas 36, March 2010 27−33
Medical Missions Ethel Luzario 34, May 2009 29
43, Sept 2013 36−37
Medical Outreach Ethel Luzario and AFE Philippine Chapter members 36, March 2010 34
Medical Outreach: Vision Care Ethel Luzario and AFE Philippine Chapter members 38, March 2011 43−4
Medical Outreach Raquel Cabiles 41, Sept 2012 41−42
Medical Outreach—Prosthetics VR Mehta 38, March 2011 47
43, Sept 2013 25−27
Services for the Poor Eustace Nonis 44, March 2014 29
Toxic Waste Removal Sandilya, Karti, the Blacksmith group 36, March 2010 35−36
Typhon Relief (Yolanda) Tsukasa Maekawa 44, March 2014 19
Typhon Relief (Yolanda) Graham Walter 44, March 2014 16−19

The Eyes and the Aetas

Raquel Cabiles (ADB 1971–1997)

All Eyes on Antipolo. On Monday, 23 April 2012, six AFE–ADB volunteers—Ben Hombre, Midi Diel Kawashima, Aida Lizarondo, Oskee Nunez, Nini Tibay, and I—plus one ADB staff member, Vagie Collanto-Leon, trooped to the Soriano-Leyble Medical and Maternity Hospital in Antipolo for the Yonkers Millennium Lions Club First Philippine Medical Mission.

Letter from the Roof of the World

Shahida Jaffrey

Up to the Roof. 21 years ago, on 8 December 1989, I was on the Aga Khan Foundation Helicopter accompanying Shoaib Sultan Khan, General Manager of an innovative rural development program up in high mountains— the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP). Later he received the Magsaysay Award and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for the AKRSP. He began the AKRSP in 1982, to improve the quality of life of Pakistan’s most disadvantaged people—the mountain people of the Northern Area, now Gilgit Baltistan.

Lion at Large

Peter Wallum (ADB 1982–2009)

I have been a “roving” Lion for 30 years. Imagine my delight when I learned that my fellow members of the Morpeth (England) Lions Club and I had been awarded the Queen’s Award for voluntary service to the community. This is a new award begun in 2002 to mark

International Outreach By Ethel Luzario

Ethel Luzario left ADB in 1981 and joined the United Nations Development Programme as an HR Specialist. After spending 15 years in New York her desire for another change took her to Phoenix, Arizona in late 1996. Wanting to have a flexible schedule so she could spend more time with her son, Nicco, who was nine years old back then, she decided to become a real estate agent.